The Only Happiness in Life
Eberle ASG
Art I made for liroa15's RPF big bang which you can read here.
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Better Together [Melzer/Petzschner]
Luke Bryan on stage
Title: Better Together
Characters: Jurgen Melzer and Philipp Petzschner
Word Count: 547
Rating: G for pure fluff.
Dedication: for liroa15 for loving them, and shana0809 because she deserves it.
A/n: On January 8th, Jojo and Petzsche lost the Brisbane final to Max Mirnyi and Daniel Nestor match. Later, on twitter, in the EXACT same minute:
Jojo: Got our ass kicked today!our finals streak is over... Sorry @Petzsche its time to split up!good luck in ur life!
Petzsche: The streak is over!i think its time to split up with @jojomelzer !sorry dude it was an awesome time

Luckily, before I could freak out too much, Jojo followed up, "For those who didn't get our ironie... Me and @Petzsche won't split... There is no better partner out there for me... #bromance"

Uh huh.

Summary: They'd both be better off without the other.

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Besitos [Ferrer/Robredo]
Eberle ASG
Title: Besitos
Characters: David Ferrer/Tommy Robredo
Word Count: 695
Rating: PG
A/n: Written for the tennisslash vday challenge. cross posted. Prompt was "kisses" for liroa15.
Summary: Tommy wants to spend the whole day in bed, but David has different ideas.

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AU Bingo
Eberle ASG
idk if I'm really going to do a lot of these, but hopefully some of them will spark some writing.
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Talk to me Now [Eberle/Hall]
Eberle ASG
Title: Talk to me Now
Characters: Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall
Word Count: 2016
Rating: NC-17
Summary: From this anon meme prompt: So watching the ASG draft, and just thought about how awesome it would be with some sexting between teammates like player A [Hallsy] watching player B [Ebs] sweating bullets waiting and decides to start chirping or sexting.

A/n: I found out after I started this that Hallsy actually went to Cabo with Gags and Whits (which is so begging for its own fic) over the break, so the setting of this is totally false but I didn't feel like rewriting it since it's one step up from PWP. So.

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Full House [Gionta/Orpik]
Eberle ASG
Title: Full House
Characters: Brian Gionta, Brooks Orpik
Word Count: 2450
Rating: PG-13
A/n and summary: This fic is a long time coming. Inspired by Brooks' comment that Gio "used to like to play Yahtzee while taking a bath" when they were at Boston College together. story link Dedicated to guitargirl39 for being as amused at this gem as I was/am.

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The Lying Game [Eberle/Hall]
Eberle ASG
Title: The Lying Game
Characters: Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall
Word Count: 824
Rating: PG
A/n: Hopefully someday I can stop writing these idiots.
Summary: Hallsy likes to tell stories about how he got his scar (yes, *that* one). Ebs isn't amused.

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In Which Ryan Whitney Tries His Hardest to be Unhelpful and Fails. [Eberle/Hall, Whitney]
Eberle ASG
Apparently it's been nearly FIVE YEARS since I've posted any fic.....goddamn. Well.

Title: In Which Ryan Whitney Tries His Hardest to be Unhelpful and Fails.
Characters: Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Ryan Whitney.
Word Count: ~2000
Rating: PG, idk
Summary: Eberle starts to realize what he has could be something more, and he needs a nudge in the right direction. Set during early last season, possibly training camp.
A/n: negative thanks to liroa15 for putting this idea in my head, but actual thanks times a hundred for helping me get it out. It could be better but it's been FIVE. YEARS. so I'll take it.

In Which Ryan Whitney Tries His Hardest to be Unhelpful and FailsCollapse )

Okay, guys, I didn't want to do this . . .
Eberle ASG
But, holy calm down LJ! I doubt they'd come after this journal, but hey you never know. So I'm going to make all posts members only. Even though I always wanted anyone to be able to stumble on my fics, better safe and lame than kicked off LJ. Whatever, LJ, whatever.

There's a few of you who are watching but not members, and you probably want to actually join, if you want to continue watching and actually, you know, see anything.

The Morphing of Relationshsips [Ferrer, Lopez, Robredo] ff100 DFT 034
Eberle ASG
Title: The Morphing of Relationships
Characters: David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo
Word Count: 5,368
Rating: R [for violence]
Fanfic100 Prompt: 034. Not Enough
Disclaimer: Guess what? I don't own these guys and this did not happen.
A/n: This is simply a re-post of the whole things. (Originally in four parts; here breaks are marked with "~~~".)
Summary: Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer are having relationship issues, which escalate when Feli gets hurt and David starts spending time with Tommy Robredo.

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