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Okay, guys, I didn't want to do this . . .
Eberle ASG
caaare wrote in caaare_fic
But, holy calm down LJ! I doubt they'd come after this journal, but hey you never know. So I'm going to make all posts members only. Even though I always wanted anyone to be able to stumble on my fics, better safe and lame than kicked off LJ. Whatever, LJ, whatever.

There's a few of you who are watching but not members, and you probably want to actually join, if you want to continue watching and actually, you know, see anything.

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I know I am late.There is no way of geting into the LJ in China.
The website block is driving me crazy.
Could you please add me~~

I attempted to add you, but I dunno if it worked or not. Please let me know :)

I've added you, but all I see is this post. I'd love to read your fic, so if you've moved I'd love to know. =D

Weird, really? That doesn't seem right...crap.

Try refreshing it?

Edited at 2008-09-27 03:58 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
it's a community, you can just join. :)

enjoy! please comment!

Hello! I love your slash. add me?... please :))

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