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Full House [Gionta/Orpik]
Eberle ASG
caaare wrote in caaare_fic
Title: Full House
Characters: Brian Gionta, Brooks Orpik
Word Count: 2450
Rating: PG-13
A/n and summary: This fic is a long time coming. Inspired by Brooks' comment that Gio "used to like to play Yahtzee while taking a bath" when they were at Boston College together. story link Dedicated to guitargirl39 for being as amused at this gem as I was/am.

Gio has been bugging the team for weeks to come over and play Yahtzee with him. "It's a highly underrated game." No one seems too sure about taking him up on it--not even the freshmen, who figured out quickly that Gio is not to be trusted after a mishap involving red food coloring and whipped cream that had them all running around Boston at 2 am searching for bleach before anyone discovered what they'd done to the dorm kitchen.

Not that it stops anyone from somehow getting mixed up in his schemes time after time. Brooks supposes it has something to do with the fact that the little fireball could talk a fish into walking on land. And the way that stupid, nearly constant grin of his invites you in, like he knows exactly what you want and can get it for you, just say the word...

All in all, Brooks' general rule is that it's in his best interest to avoid Gio as much as possible without seeming antisocial away from the rink.

Though there doesn't seem to be anything inherently vicious about Yahtzee, and Gio doesn't generally get the evil gleam that's a dead giveaway when he's talking about the wonders of it. "You bring the beer, I got the dice, it'll be awesome, I promise. Anytime. Greatest game."

So, finally, Brooks figures anything's fun as a drinking game. Plus, there's nothing better to do on this random Tuesday night, since most of the team has early classes the next day or has found other things to do already. That's the thought process that leads him to ringing Gio's doorbell around 8 o'clock with a case of beer under one arm.

His first surprise is when Gio opens the door with only a towel wrapped around his waist. Either he's just gotten out of the shower (and forgotten to wash his hair, since it looks dry) or he's starting a nudist colony of two. Brooks hopes its the former, but one never knows with the gnome. Not that he's bad to look at--or that Brooks would say no to him naked in certain situations--but still.

"You forget something?" Brooks asks by way of greeting.

Gio grins, a little more evilly--and invitingly--than Brooks is entirely comfortable with. "That fake ID still working out for you?" he comments by way of answering, waving Brooks into the apartment he shares with a couple other teammates.

Brooks rolls his eyes, obviously the case of beer provides the answer. But he supposes Gio is overly proud of his ability to produce fake IDs on demand. Brooks has never been sure where he gets them--not that it matters--though he's not the type to make them up himself. More of a good salesman, that 'whatever you need' attitude. "Thank you Captain Obvious."

Gio plops down on the couch, seemingly unperturbed by his lack of clothing. "Relax. What brings you to my fine establishment this evening?" Maybe it's No Pants Tuesday around here. Well, Brooks has no interest in participating. At least not without getting through this case first.

Brooks cracks open a can and tosses another over to Gio. "I heard there would be Yahtzee."

Gio looks him over, then shakes his head. "You can't handle Yahtzee right now. Drink up."

Brooks scoffs. "It only requires simple math. Can you even add?"

Gio laughs, refusing to be goaded into an argument. "Two plus two is four, baby."

Brooks rolls his eyes. From anyone else, he'd take issue over being called "baby" but it's not worth it with Gio.


A couple hours later, the case has disintigrated into empty cans strewn around the coffee table. The half full bottle of vodka from the fridge is sitting on the table

Brooks is feeling considerably light headed and perfectly at ease. And Gio's--for all intents and purposes--nakedness is seriously starting to get under his skin. Of course Brooks has seen it all before, there's the whole locker room thing, but then again, there's something very different from nakedness coming from the showers in the locker room, and *this*. Gio is practically laid out there in front of him, very non-chalant but suddenly impossible to ignore.

"Dude, seriously, why are you still sitting there in a fucking towel? Did you forget how to do laundry?"

Gio gets a really serious look on his face for a moment--or at least, he attempts to, and his attempt makes Brooks want to laugh. But the way he's scrutinizing him makes Brooks slightly nervous. Gio finally nods, like he's made a decision. "I think you're ready. C'mon." He stands up, stumbling a bit.

Brooks snorts. "Easy on the walking there, midget."

Gio raises an eyebrow in Brooks' general direction. "You're twice my size, and I guarantee you're as bad off as I am. C'mon. Get up." He reaches a hand out to give him a boost up.

Brooks slaps his hand away--he connects, score one for him--and stands up on his own, trying not to groan with the effort. "This was your bright idea, right? I blame you."

"You're the one who wanted to play Yahtzee. And you brought the alcohol. Grab that bottle." He points to the vodka bottle, then starts stumbling down the hallway. "It's at least mostly your fault."

"You gave me the fake ID." Brooks picks up the bottle, wondering how empty it was when they started. He starts walking after Gio, thinking he might be a little bit more sober than him, but it's both fucking relative and irrelevant at this point.

"Tom gave me the fake ID. Let's drink to Tom!" Gio leans on the wall near the bathroom doorway and grabs for the bottle, taking a swig. "Wait here." He disappears into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

"Not gonna to go anywhere." Brooks leans on the wall, wondering vaguely what the fuck Gio's plan is and why he's standing in the hallway outside the bathroom. But he's had just enough to trust Gio, or if not exactly trust, he feels free enough to go with it at this point. Gio's a lot less annoyingly peppy when alcohol is making Brooks feel lighter than his usual self.

There's the sound of water running in the tub and Brooks is just starting to get concerned that he should be concerned when Gio flings the door open. "Enter," he says, and backs away so Brooks can peer inside, past him. And what he sees..... "Gio. Are you fucking SERIOUS right now?"

He's got a whole, set up, some kind of tray that hooks on the tub with dice and a rolling cup and waterproof paper with some kind of pencil, over a fucking bubble bath. And Gio's got a giant inviting grin on his face, so Brooks is pretty sure he's being included in this game, and not just supposed to admire the spread.

Calmly, Gio responds, "Not worth playing unless you do it right. You in?"

Brooks can barely process this, and it's not just the alcohol talking. "This is what you fucking meant by Yahtzee?"

"I usually play by myself. In fact, I was going to tonight until you showed up. Kinda perfect timing, really." Gio looks pretty hopeful, and Brooks wonders just how much time and energy he's put into bathtub Yahtzee. Too much, clearly.

"You play Yahtzee solo?" Not that this is the only thing wrong with this picture, but it's the easiest one to comment on at the moment.

"Exactly. It's more fun with two."

"Such can be said about many things. You are messed up." Brooks shakes his head, trying to clear the image of sliding around naked in the tub with Gio from his mind.

"C'mon, Brooksy, when do I ever ask you for anything? This is the greatest thing ever invented. I promise you will love it."

"I don't think I fit into that tub solo." Does that make it sound like he's considering it? He's not considering it. Even if he weren't dismissing it on the grounds that he's not fucking insane like Gio clearly is, he's definitely dismissing it based on pure logistics.

"You'd be surprised. It's a large tub."

"I haven't taken a bath since I was like eight." Brooks is surprised that he still sounds like he's considering this. Why does he sound like he's considering this?

Gio either decides Brooks is about to give in, or will never give in no matter what, so he just whips off his towel, shakes his ass at Brooks, and climbs into the tub, turning off the water. "Then you've completely forgotten how excellent baths are. It's amazing in here." He leans back and closes his eyes, letting out a long, contented sigh.

Brooks just stares at Gio while he relaxes into the tub, seemingly at total peace with the world and almost forgetting Brooks' presence--although there's a level of theatrics that makes it clear he is well aware of his audience. Brooks' drunken mind is having trouble listing reasons why he shouldn't do this--the only reason he can come up with is that it's fucking weird, and strangely that just doesn't feel like a good enough reason. Finally, he says "Oh what the hell" and starts stripping.

Gio cracks an eye open. "Seriously?" he asks excitedly. "Fuck yeah, Brooksy!"

Brooks rolls his eyes. Before he takes his boxers off, he pauses and looks Gio in the eye. "On the condition that tomorrow both of us will have been too drunk to recall anything about this."

Gio laughs. "Aren't you the one who preaches on not doing anything drunk that you'll regret sober?"

"I didn't say I'd regret this sober, I said neither of us would remember it."

Gio laughs again, and nods. "Not a word. And I'll even give you the good end." He flips around so he's sitting with his back to the knobs, then squinches his legs up, to make a tiny space for Brooksy to fit into.

Brooks pushes down his boxers and steps out of them, carefully getting into the tub. It's quickly clear that there's really not enough room for him. "Fuck you, I said I wouldn't fit," Brooks grumbles.

Gio is determined and it takes a lot of arranging--and some uncomfortable wet bodies sliding together that Gio is 99% likely doing on purpose--but finally they work it out. Brooks has got his feet on either side of Gio, knees bent, and Gio fits his legs under Brooks'. Brooks comments, drily, "Good thing you're freakishly short, this would never work otherwise."

Gio smirks, and leans in to plant a quick kiss on Brooks' lips. "Good for something, eh?"

Brooks gives him a Look, and comments, calmly, "Just because I'm in the tub with you doesn't give you the liberty to take advantage of me."

Gio laughs so hard he starts coughing uncontrollably. "Fine, fine, let's play." He grabs the Yahtzee tray--where the fuck does Gio even find these things?--and fits it into place between them. "You can go first," he offers.

Brooks rolls his eyes but picks up the dice, and they begin to play.


Honestly, it's been kind of nice. The game is fun and competitive and the water is warm and comfy. Gio was right, and the tub isn't ridiculously small, although his legs are starting to cramp a little bit by the time they're through with the round. The bubbles are mostly gone too, along with some of Brooks' drunkenness, which makes the reality of the ridiculousness of this situation harder to ignore by the moment.

Gio just manages to beat him with an excellent Chance score. He flashes his bright grin. "I won, you gotta give me whatever I want."

Brooks shakes his head. There's (more than) a couple things he wouldn't say no to right now, but that doesn't mean he'll give Gio that kind of open-ended claim. "I never made that bet. I would never make that bet. Not enough alcohol in the world."

"You agreed to house Yahtzee. It's in the rulebook: winner gets whatever they want."

Brooks gestures between them, taking in the bath, the Yahtzee set up, the whole, thing. "This isn't reward enough for you? I'm squeezed into a bathtub, you beat me, and I'm gonna have a hell of a hangover tomorrow."

Gio is still grinning some ridiculous grin, and shakes his head fiercely. He lifts up his Yahtzee tray (seriously why does he own this?) and sets it on the floor outside the tub while explaining, "First of all, you're not all that squashed. Secondly, I can't gloat to anyone that I won later, so what's the point? And third, you brought the beer." He settles back in, and he's leaning into Brooks, rapidly erasing the couple square inches of space that had been there. "All that math adds up to, you still owe me."

Brooks refuses to back away--or back down. "For someone who just kicked my ass in a math-based game, you have no idea what you're talking about." He plunges his hands into the tub and rests them on Gio's ankles, then starts sliding them up his legs, running them up his calves, his thighs.

There's a challenge in Gio's casual tone when he speaks. "You owe me."

Brooks closes the distance between their lips and kisses him fiercely, attacking Gio's mouth with a fervor and gripping his inner thighs tightly. Gio seems taken aback for a split second, then decides to just go for it, sliding his hands around Brooks' back, moaning into his mouth.

Just when Gio's really getting into it, Brooks pulls back abruptly, pushing his hands away. "All paid up. And this is a fucking ridiculous place to play Yahtzee." He stands up, gets out of the tub, and starts towelling himself off with the first one he grabs, which may or may not be Gio's and may or may not be clean (probably isn't).

Gio laughs, standing up himself and grabbing another towel. "I never claimed it wasn't. Sure makes things interesting though." He reaches over and smacks Brooks on the ass.

Brooks retaliates by smacking Gio in the head. He smirks, "Only part of you I can reach." Gio looks mostly dried off, so Brooks grabs him, pushing him up against the wall and pressing against him. Maybe it's a little odd to be jump right to already feeling naked bodies sliding together, but then again, they did just bathe together.

"Is there somewhere else we can take this, or do you only socialize in the bathroom?"

Gio grins. "You know, bedroom Twister is a great sequel to bathtub Yahtzee."

Brooks snickers, "Left hand yellow," and kisses him again, as fiercely as before.

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lol. I will never get over the Yahtzee in the bath tbh.

I will never get over the fact that it is apparently a REAL THING that Gio apparently DID. Or does. Idek.

In conclusion, hockey boys are very strange. :p


I adore this so much.

I mean, I'm a Boston fan, and I prefer BU over BC due to a friend's loyalties, but...I'd gladly hop in the tub with Gionta and start playing Yahtzee any time. This was really hot. Well done.

omg that image XD I feel so special

haha my one friend who was the biggest motivator in this actually GOES to BU so don't feel bad ;) I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

Gionta is so weird, and not even a goalie!

haha he is not a normal dude tbh. thanks for reading!

Awesome pairing, awesome story. I was always hoping someone would write a story with Gio-Style. :3

Gio is flawless. thanks for reading!

How do you even fit two grown men in one bathtub with a Yahtzee game? Also, boys, don't hurt yourselves with bedroom twister.

Well Gio is only half grown. (he's like 5'6") XD

lol Gio is like my size then. That's tiny for hockey player.

he's the shortest or second shortest in the league. I fucking love it.

YESSSSSSSSSS. After like TWO YEARS of knowing about bathtub Yahtzee, with the total lack of context we were given, this is perfect XDDD You should copyright the idea for a bathtub Yahtzee set with a fucking tray over the tub and everything, if Gio hasn't already. And also I love that he usually plays by himself. Like, hanging out naked with Brooks is great, but so is PLAYING YAHTZEE BY HIMSELF IN THE BATHTUB. I just love it so much.

I'm glad you enjoyed this XDDD I'm glad I finally got around to writing it. I am not copywriting this, I refuse to acknowledge the validity of this game. HE IS THE ONE WHO PLAYS YAHTZEE IN THE BATHTUB. I absolutely love that this is based in fact.

Brooks Orpik is awesome and there aren't enough fics about him. I loved this, it was cute and funny.

What a strange game to play in a bathtub. Oh hockey players.

Yes, I agree!! More Brooks! Thanks for reading :)

Yes, I don't even know what Gio's problem is. The best part about this is I DIDN'T MAKE THE BATHTUB YAHTZEE THING UP.

Edited at 2012-01-30 04:04 am (UTC)

I haven't even had a chance to read anything yet, but wanted to be sure to tell you how super exciting it is that you're writing again! Oh, and that I've bookmarked them for the first chance I have!!

awww thanks *blushes* that's a really sweet comment!! XD

also do you have the full picture that your icon is from because OMFG RYAN HOLY SHIT

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