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Talk to me Now [Eberle/Hall]
Eberle ASG
caaare wrote in caaare_fic
Title: Talk to me Now
Characters: Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall
Word Count: 2016
Rating: NC-17
Summary: From this anon meme prompt: So watching the ASG draft, and just thought about how awesome it would be with some sexting between teammates like player A [Hallsy] watching player B [Ebs] sweating bullets waiting and decides to start chirping or sexting.

A/n: I found out after I started this that Hallsy actually went to Cabo with Gags and Whits (which is so begging for its own fic) over the break, so the setting of this is totally false but I didn't feel like rewriting it since it's one step up from PWP. So.

Hallsy's bored. He was selfishly looking forward to spending the All Star Break with Ebs after neither of them were named to it this year, and although he doesn't begrudge Ebs going because he had such a blast last year and Ebs totally deserves it, he still wanted the couple of days off together, the rarest of luxuries in the middle of the season.

Instead, Ebs is rubbing shoulders (and god only knows what else) with most of the stars of the league at the All Star Game, and Hallsy is home trying not to be jealous--whether he's jealous of Ebs, or the guys spending time with Ebs, well. It's just that he hardly spends any time away from Ebs, and it's strange not to have him by his side. And it's annoying to be in their apartment without him, it reminds him of last season when he was injured and Ebs was still playing, and he just sat around a lot and ended up spending a lot of time with Ryan Whitney, since he was also out. (To be off-topic but fair, while Ryan Whitney is the grumpiest grump to ever grump, he's also fantastic company.)

When Ebs was named to the game, he wanted to make sure Hallsy was okay with it, and Hallsy joked that it'd be nice to have a moment to take a piss in peace and obviously Ebs should go, it'd be fun and he deserves it, plus Hallsy went last year (and didn't give much of a second thought to Ebs, for which he feels guilty now) so it's fine. He intends to be happy for Ebs.

Hallsy's been trying not to text Ebs every moment throughout his very boring day. He's failing though. Every time he turns his phone on silent and sets it aside (upside down so he can't see the alerts) to do something else, he checks it again two minutes later and there's another message from Ebs. So, actually, if you really look at it, Ebs is the one who is failing Hallsy's vow of silence that Ebs doesn't even know about.

Ebs just keeps texting shit like "plane just landed--warm here" and "doesn't look bad for the east" with a picture of a decently pretty Ottawa taken from probably his hotel room window.

Hallsy keeps responding stuff like "haha great" and "yeah fun" and it's starting to feel a lot less fun. Ebs is very peppy and annoying when Hallsy is sitting around doing basically nothing except wishing Ebs were home with him (even video games are just not good solo). "are you just texting because you want to rub this in my face?"

"what?" When Hallsy doesn't respond right away, "of course not. wish you were here. trying to share it with you."

"Whatever. sounds fun."

"Sorry. next year we'll both be here."

"better be."

Ebs kinda lays off for awhile, and Hallsy is not in the mood to really say anything else. But when the coverage starts on TV later, he gives up on maintaining radio silence. "what're you up to?"

Ebs doesn't take too long to respond, making Hallsy wonder why he doesn't have better things to do right now than sit there on his phone. "Sitting with your buddy Tyler...really the best you could do in junior?"

It's not true, he had a lot better in junior, often. But there's no point to explaining that so he just responds, "jealous?"

"thinking about seeing what all the fuss is about later."

Hallsy is trying to figure out how to say "it's not worth it" without sounding jealous when he's really not, it's just not worth it. When Hallsy doesn't respond right away, Ebs sends another text.


Apparently Hallsy's silence manages to sound jealous anyway.

"thinking about what I could do to you later. if I were there."

"no way you wouldn't upgrade if you were here. you did last year. now me, doubt someone like lundqvist would even look twice but maybe someone like James Neal...only guy added after me."

"don't sell yourself short, lundqvist would be lucky to have you." And now Hallsy is talking Ebs into hooking up with gorgeous foreign men like Henrik Lundqvist. Probably not what he should be encouraging, exactly. "take it back, you're too good for lundqvist."

"lol. so you're saying I should go for it. even if it's a step down, I'm willing to make that sacrifice."

"only if the cameras are around to capture the moment." He could get into watching Ebs hook up with Lundqvist. He'd jerk off watching Lundqvist dumpster dive. There's no denying the man is beautiful.

"haha we could put on quite the show, there are lots of cameras..."

"yeah and all I see is you trying not to seem nervous." In truth, all he sees of Ebs is not nearly enough of him. Doesn't TSN get that he'd like to stare at his boyfriend in that suit?

"do I look nervous?"

"nah. probably not to most people."


Hallsy grunts, frustrated that he's not there with Ebs to make stupid jokes backstage and get to know some of the other guys, and later do what they do best, which is sneak off to some deserted corner and see how long they can get away with things better done in their hotel room without being caught. Next year they better both make the damn game--or neither of them, but he refuses to be split up like this again. "glad I'm not there. if I were, I'd have to stop picturing how much better that suit looks off you rumpled on the floor."

"like I'd ever let you treat my suit like that."

"you would cause you know how good I treat you"

"?? that hardly made sense."

"so many things I'd love to do to you right now."

"now's really not the time, put that thought on hold for after."

"Im not asking for much. just wanna run my fingers through your hair and kiss the shit out of you. bite you on that spot on your neck, you know the one I mean, where you always act like you're seeing stars. would you like that?"

"I'll call you later, save it."

"trace patterns on your stomach with my tongue, bite your nipples. drive you crazy with touching you."

"sounds great but LATER"

"LATER you'll be looking down at me while I hover over your cock, I fucking love it when you do that, look at me like I'm the only one in the damn world. you think I'm too thick-headed to notice but I do."

"You're not the only one in the world, there's like thirty people in this room and a couple thousand not fifty metres away"

"I'll take your cock into my mouth, suck you hard while playing with your balls the way you like."

"FUCK HALLSY I'm in front of a national audience right now"

Ebs' name is called soon after that, so he walks out on stage and Hallsy thinks it's a damn good thing Ebs usually has such a dazed look on his face because he manages to look pretty calm, even giving an interview. Hallsy needs to step up his game.

"I'm not. I'm on our couch, naked, playing with myself, watching you walk on that stage. wishing you were here so I could make you scream FUCK HALLSY some more."

"Don't you have lofty ambitions."

"While I'm blowing you, you stick a couple fingers in my ass to get me ready for your giant cock. you're fucking me with your hand while I'm sucking your dick like a pro."

"Christ. Stop."

"no, your line is "fuck hallsy don't stop." then I want to ride you, fucking take you inside me, feel you filling me up. we start moving together, perfect harmony."

Ebs doesn't respond for a really long time, so Hallsy figures he's finally stopped checking his phone. Which is too bad, because Hallsy and his hand are going at it on the couch, and he wants just a little feedback to work with before he finishes. He sends a couple more texts anyway. "I know you love being buried in me, giving it to me hard, you feel so fucking fantastic" and, simply, "fuck me hard Ebs."

Not two minutes after the end of the show, Ebs calls him. "Christ, Hallsy, you are really fucking unbelievable," he hisses.

Hallsy just laughs, pleased to hear just how damn worked up Ebs is. "You could've just stopped looking at your phone."

Ebs snaps back, "You could've waited like ten minutes."

"I can't hold off much longer." Hallsy moans loudly and obnoxiously.

"Don't see how that's my problem." He sounds like he's calming down a little

"Finish me off, baby, watching you's been driving me crazy."

"You texting me that crap when I can't do anything about it has been driving ME crazy."

"I know, I was imagining it, mmm. Are you somewhere you can take care of things now?"

"Not exactly, but it's about you right now. I can just see you laying there at home, uh, thinking about me and touching yourself."

While he's gotten better since the first time they tried this, Ebs still seriously needs some work on his phone sex tactics. Or maybe it's Hallsy that needs his head checked, because the stupid, dry things that Ebs is saying are working on him better than he'd care to admit to anyone. Hell, it's mostly just Ebs' voice, he could be reading a phone book--do phone books still exist? How about a page of stats. Hallsy could get off to Ebs reading stats.

Hallsy laughs, heavily. He'll have to put in some work himself here. "Can you picture it? How worked up I am, you on TV in that damn shirt, me on the couch in nothing. Sending you those texts and imagining you trying to ignore them, knowing they were working you up more than you could admit."

"Mmm, yeah, it was just like that. Looking forward to getting home so you can live up to your words."

"What did I say I'd do? Refresh my memory."

"Uh, something something you sucking my dick, something something me fucking you."

Hallsy whines, his breath coming in short bursts. "You can do better than that, c'mon Ebs, please. Close your eyes and picture it."

"I'm not exactly in the right time or place for this."

"Says the guy who fucked me in the locker room with all our teammates on the other side of a thin door that one time."

Ebs coughs. "Those ten times."

"Exactly. Describe one to me."

"Fine." Ebs sighs, then he's quiet for a couple moments, and Hallsy imagines him following the suggestion, closing his eyes and settling in. He starts talking again, low and fast like he's just trying to get through it. "After the Chicago game when you had that hat trick. Couldn't wait until we got home. We were only halfway undressed, and I just grabbed you and yanked you into the other room, where no one was yet. I pushed you up against the wall, said something ridiculous about your triple score and just started attacking your mouth. My hands were working on getting your lower gear the rest of the way off and as soon as I pushed your breezers and cup out of the way, I was on my knees, sucking you off. You were being so fucking loud, unable to contain yourself with the stuff I was doing to you and the high from the game and I was terrified someone would hear you or just walk in on us, so I worked as fast as I could, not teasing you, but hitting all the right spots to bring you off in record time." He pauses for a second, then, "Does that work?"

Hallsy moans, long and hard, unmistakably finishing himself off. "Mmm," he sighs in contentment. "Yeah. You're good, babe."

"Tell me something I don't know."

"Love you."

Ebs laughs, "Already know that. Love you too."

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♥ Hallsy and Ebs, you're just precious boys. Though seriously, Ebs, you can't do phone/text sex. You're horrible, but that's okay. Cause I imagine you'd have been bright red saying it and adorable

Hey. he actually ended up doing fairly well for himself. it got the job done, so~

now go to bed!

God, they are such ridiculous boys. I love how Jordan is still so shy in this and Taylor basically has to goad him into it. :)

and Jordan couldn't even do that much with like, anyone else in the world.

It's all the Saskatchewan in him, I'm sure.

that was fucking fun, phone sex where one of them is terrible at it is always good times. I love the way you wrote these dudes.

lol it took me forever to get it out, but once I did, it made me want to do more because Ebs is so pathetic. glad you've been enjoying them!

Great job! Thanks, this was super to read and really hot with Hallsy's descriptions. It is fun to imagine Ebs' not wanting to, but having to peek at his phone and then blushing or sweating or just being so distracted. Great work, Hallsy! I'd like to read what happens Ebs' first night back.

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

There is lots of other Hall and Ebs written/to be written...

This was really cute. I'm enjoying seeing the ASW fics appear :)

ASW makes the best things happen, always. <3

I really enjoyed this fic, especially the idea and how you executed it. I definitely thought it was cute to see Hall get jealous/lonely/bothered about not being at the All Star Game or just not being with Eberle. I like the back and forth between the two over texts, and then how it finally ends with them speaking.

I thought it was great, nice job.

aww, thanks for the sweet comment :) I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Oh thank you and thank you fic lords for this Ebs/Hall bundle of joy. I've been wanting someone to fill that prompt when I first read it! Great job at painting a very hot picture..

hahahaha your enthusiasm makes me smile XD glad it satisfied!

(Deleted comment)
Well obviously Jordan didn't really want to look away, I mean.... ;) Thanks!!

This probably shouldn't be as hot as it is, given that Ebs is clearly so bad at phone sex, but Taylor carries it for him. Love the thought of Jordan reading all those texts and getting all blushy and hot. *pets*

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