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Besitos [Ferrer/Robredo]
Eberle ASG
caaare wrote in caaare_fic
Title: Besitos
Characters: David Ferrer/Tommy Robredo
Word Count: 695
Rating: PG
A/n: Written for the tennisslash vday challenge. cross posted. Prompt was "kisses" for liroa15.
Summary: Tommy wants to spend the whole day in bed, but David has different ideas.

It's a rare lazy Saturday, and Tommy had been looking forward to spending the whole morning in bed with David--and most of the afternoon too if he is going for full disclosure. Really, there's no reason for either of them to leave the bed, except maybe to venture out into the lovely coastal sunshine to eat at some point.

But when he slowly rouses around eleven--a perfectly respectable time to get up on such a day--the bed feels vaguely empty, too big. He stretches out leisurely, hoping to hit the warm body he distinctly recalls entering the bed with the night before, but feels nothing with his outstretched limbs.

"David?" he calls out, hoping that he'll hear an answer and David won't be too far away, having just made a short trip to the bathroom or, better, to get some food and coffee so Tommy doesn't have to go anywhere.

But when he gets no answer, his nagging suspicion that David has gone further away is confirmed. Wondering how he could ever have made the stupid mistake to fall in love with someone who actually somehow enjoys getting up early, Tommy sits up in bed and sighs, dramatically.

Not bothering to put on any clothes, he ventures out to the living room. And there is David, clothed only in boxer-briefs, precisely where Tommy thought he'd find him (and if Tommy is going to be honest, he knew this would happen. He was just hoping, for once, it wouldn't be like this): curled up in an arm chair in the brightest spot in the room, the sun streaming in, supposedly providing perfect light for the book open in his lap--but mostly Tommy notices the glow in his hair, catching on all the messy strands.

David hears Tommy at the door, and he looks up, smiling brightly. "Buenos días, Tete."

Tommy frowns, but playfully, crossing his arms over his chest. "Not such a good morning if you aren't in bed when I wake up."

David rolls his eyes. "We've been over this. I can't sleep as late as you, and I don't want to disturb you."

"Maybe I don't mind being disturbed." He walks over and, ignoring David's book, plops himself down on David's lap, leaning in to kiss him deeply.

David goes along with this for awhile and then pulls back. "Your bare ass is touching my book," he points out softly.

"Your book is in the way of my ass," Tommy murmurs, planting soft kisses along David's neck.

David tilts his head to allow Tommy better access. "My book was here first." The words are only a verbal protest and a weak one at that, as the rest of him is eager for the light touches of Tommy's mouth. One hand rests lightly on Tommy's naked thighs and the other plays with the short hairs at the back of his neck, encouraging him to keep going.

"Didn't see your book last night." Tommy nuzzles at David's collarbone and flicks the tip of his tongue at the skin beside it.

"No, but it doesn't lie in bed half the day like you, flojo."

Tommy snorts indignantly into David's skin at being called a lazy bum, though David's voice is full of warmth and the word might as well be amante, lover. "The plan was to lie in bed the whole day, actually." Tommy continues the path his mouth has started, planting little kisses along David's broad chest.

"Oops." David doesn't sound the least bit sorry for ruining Tommy's day, so Tommy bites down on a nipple and is rewarded with a squirm from David.

"Since you ruined that plan, I'm working on another." Tommy slides his hand to David's other nipple, twisting that one cruelly but gently kissing and licking the one with which he'd just been so rough.

Letting out a small moan, David asks breathlessly, "And how goes the new plan?"

"Like this," Tommy responds while continuing on lower to David's stomach, taking his sweet time. He thinks, even though this chair is less comfortable than the bed, he might just be able to save this day from totally going down the drain.


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