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Better Together [Melzer/Petzschner]
Luke Bryan on stage
caaare wrote in caaare_fic
Title: Better Together
Characters: Jurgen Melzer and Philipp Petzschner
Word Count: 547
Rating: G for pure fluff.
Dedication: for liroa15 for loving them, and shana0809 because she deserves it.
A/n: On January 8th, Jojo and Petzsche lost the Brisbane final to Max Mirnyi and Daniel Nestor match. Later, on twitter, in the EXACT same minute:
Jojo: Got our ass kicked today!our finals streak is over... Sorry @Petzsche its time to split up!good luck in ur life!
Petzsche: The streak is over!i think its time to split up with @jojomelzer !sorry dude it was an awesome time

Luckily, before I could freak out too much, Jojo followed up, "For those who didn't get our ironie... Me and @Petzsche won't split... There is no better partner out there for me... #bromance"

Uh huh.

Summary: They'd both be better off without the other.

They go straight from the stadium to the first waiting tournament car immediately after the finals loss, not bothering to shower or talk to the media after their poor showing in the final.

Jurgen and Philipp end up in the car alone, both of their teams giving them time to sort out their frustrations and hopefully cool off. At least marginally. But they just sit there in stony silence for the whole ride. Jurgen has convinced himself it was his poor backhands and weak serves that cost them point after point. And he's sure Philipp is sitting over there stewing on Jurgen's mistakes and trying to figure out the best way to tell Jurgen it's over, Philipp could do better on his own. Jurgen is rehearsing the best way to cut that off. He would rather tear himself apart and Philipp can just agree without actually saying anything--so Jurgen doesn't have to hear his partner say he needs someone new, someone better suited for him, someone less tempremental.

When they get back to their shared room, Jurgen intends to get all this over with as quickly as possible and get the hell out of there. He is about to escape into the bathroom to lose himself under the hot stream of water but before he can close the door behind him, Philipp rests a hand on his arm.

They lock eyes and then both start talking at once.

"You know, you can--"

"Look, Philipp, you really should--"

They each catch themselves. Philipp quickly says, "You first."

Jurgen sighs. "You should find a better partner." He braces himself for Philipp to agree with a 'No shit I can find a better partner.'

Philipp scoffs. "Is that really what you think?"

Jurgen continues, wanting to get it all out before Philipp can, "Someone who plays better. Someone who can finish big matches. Someone with better emotions."

Philipp frowns. "I like your emotions. Besides, you are the one better off without me. You could do a lot better without me holding you back."

"You don't hold me back, love. If anything, I hold you back."

Philipp steps into Jurgen's space, moving his hand from Jurgen's arm to his cheek. "You are the one that carries this team. I would never win anything without you."

Jurgen leans into his touch. "You could vault forward without me."

Philipp caresses his partner's cheek, running his palm over the day-old scruff. "Anyone would want to play with you. We should break up for your sake."

Jurgen shakes his head, slightly, trying not to dislodge Philipp's hand. "For my sake? No one else would even put up with me. But plenty of guys would look twice at you."

Philipp glances around, comically. "Where? Where are they? I don't have a line of suitors following me around, do I? Hiding under the bed?"

Jurgen laughs at the look on his face. "They would be here in an instant if they knew you were free."

Philipp shakes his head. "Even so, I don't want them, Jojo. I'd rather lose a million matches with you then win every tournament with anyone else. But I understand if you want the wins, you can pick someone new."

"And I choose you, a hundred times over." Jurgen kisses him, fiercely.

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OMG. Those tweets are begging for a story like this. Especially about the line of suitors hiding under the bed. So nice.

weren't they though?? it took me a couple months, but I got to it!

haha thanks, I thought that was a good one.

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