Vanquishing the Snoring Snowman [Ferrer/Lopez/Robredo] ff100 DFT 037.
Eberle ASG
Title: Vanquishing the Snoring Snowman
Characters: David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo
Word Count: 699
Rating: PG for situations
Fanfic100 Prompt: 037. Sound
Disclaimer: I wish I knew whether or not Feli snored and if David would care....but no, I don't. And everything else is that much in my head, too.
A/n: Sort of random...but the first few lines came to me and I neglect my tennis muses way too much to not oblige them. I typed this from 5 to 6 am, after staying up all night, so if anything doesn't make any sense, please let me know. (probably not my brightest idea ever, but I was tired of looking at it written on paper and not the screen. By 5 am, you'd be tired in lots of ways, too)
Summary: David can't sleep because Feli snores and so they seek a solution to the problem.

Vanquishing the Snoring SnowmanCollapse )

Storms and Sunshine [Ferrer/Lopez/Robredo] ff100 DFT 070.
Eberle ASG
Title: Storms and Sunshine
Characters: David Ferrer, Feliciano Lopez, Tommy Robredo
Word Count: 200
Rating: PG13 for suggestion
FanFic100 Prompt: 070. Storm
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I made this up.
A/n: This was going to be something completely different and it sucked. I wrote this as the last part and liked it better than all of the rest, so it's going to stand alone. :)
"Os quiero" means "I love you all" or, in this case, "I love you both." (thanks for the help, amnoturmonkey and lovemeforme_7 like that it takes TWO people to help me with the language I've been studying for EIGHT years??)
Summary: The three of them love each other in the middle of a storm.

Storms and SunshineCollapse )

The Past Causes the Future [Ferrer/Robredo]
Eberle ASG
(originally posted 5/20/06 to tennisslash)

Title: The Past Causes the Future
Characters: David Ferrer and Tommy Robredo
Rating: G
Word Count: 1448
Disclaimer: Not true.
Dedication: scoobydumblonde
Summary: David and Tommy are driving around late at night; David shares memories and it makes Tommy think.

The Past Causes the FutureCollapse )


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