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A journal for My Fic!
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This contains slash and adult themes. If you do not know what slash is, I suggest you leave. There is fair warning in the form of a rating before each fic, please pay attention to those, especially if you're under 18. Also, no disrespect is meant to the people mentioned. I don't actually believe they are like this and nothing I write about has actually happened. It's just some things my crazy mind WISHES had happened...*sigh*

This is my fic journal because having it all in one place? LOVE. Pure love. caaare is my personal journal.

wow. I have no creativity in naming journals...my fic eats it all up, I don't not have any, I promise! :)

I love writing fanfic because:
I love writing--DUH--and grammar and figuring out grammar. (I LOVE grammar. Love it.)
I love reading fanfic.
I love the guys I write about. And their sports.
I love the friends I've met because of this...it's an amazing way to connect to people. Even when they yell at me to write more.
I love the feedback. =D

All THREE Tables
All of the ff100 stories

Here is fic separated by fandom and character:
Tennis Fic:
Roger Federer
David Ferrer
Mardy Fish
Richard Gasquet
Tommy Haas
Feliciano Lopez
Rafael Nadal
David Nalbandian
Tommy Robredo
Andy Roddick

Hockey Fic:
Colby Armstrong
Sidney Crosby
Marc-Andre Fleury
Ryan Malone
and the Staals:

There's not a TON right now, but I only really started recently, so...there will be more!

Ani DiFranco is "I can write to this" love!